Subtitle:By converting experience and knowledge into comprehensive sessions, Cosmic Wealth has placed all their clients onto the fast track to financial independence.

The stock market is often mistaken to be a sinkhole for one’s hard-earned money owing to its volatile nature and as a result, most people refrain from considering the same as a possible source of income. Trading in the capital market is an excellent way to make your money do the hard work instead of you.

Contrary to popular belief one does not require large amounts of capital to begin trading and can do so with as little as ₹100. The only difference between a successful trader and the uninitiated is a strong knowledge of stock market concepts and a basic grasp of some technical indicators and analysis methods.

We at Cosmic Wealth believe that in an economy like India, people need to have multiple sources of income in order to achieve their dreams at a young age. Ridhwik Vinod and Goutham Bhaskar founded Cosmic Wealth back in 2015 in their first year of college when their desire to make something of themselves crossed paths with their fascination for the stock market. They invested every bit of free time towards gaining knowledge about the movement and patterns of the market. Their progress has been nothing short of exemplary as they have gone from absolute beginners to stock market gurus who now mentor and inspire many others.

Cosmic Wealth trains interested individuals and communities on how to generate an additional source of income by practising the risky yet rewarding act of intraday trading. As a Day trader, the greatest advantage one has is the ability to make money even when stock prices are falling, or markets crash by using a technique known as short selling.

They teach their students everything a trader could possibly need by starting from the absolute basics and working their way up to the more intense strategies. By converting experience and knowledge into comprehensive sessions Cosmic Wealth has placed all their clients onto the fast track to financial independence.

The training sessions are extremely convenient for students as well as professionals as we provide round the clock support along with flexible class timings. The commodity markets are open right until 11 pm and this makes it possible for professionals and students with other commitments to trade in their free time. A trader can earn their daily goals in as little as an hour by implementing the various strategies taught during the training program.

The courses offered are more like a membership program wherein members will receive full personal assistance and guidance throughout their journey to become a successful trader. Cosmic Wealth presently has over 500 members from all over India and around the globe.

To learn stock trading from scratch, visit or visit Cosmic Wealth.

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