• Now a start-up created by orthopaedic surgeons focusing on orthopaedic healthcare; orthopodonline.com
  • Platform to provide consultation at INR 99
  • Currently the platform has 20 doctors and aims to take it to 300 doctors by year end

Mumbai 14th February 2020,

Orthopod Online provides orthopaedic consultation at a minimal cost of just INR 99. To reach out to the maximum orthopaedic patients, OO has also on boarded orthopaedic experts and specialists to consult the patients and cure them in the best possible way.

A collective of Orthopaedics came together and launched Orthopod Online in 2019. Orthopod Online (OO)is a digital platform that covers the entire spectrum of orthopaedic care including General orthopaedics, Hip & knee, Spine, Children’s orthopaedics, Sports medicine, Physiotherapy, Pain management and Holistic care. OO is a virtual clinic of a group of reputed doctors, with decades of experience and credibility, who have come together to provide high quality healthcare for patients through in-person & online consultations (through Tele-Health), second opinions, follow-up consultations etc. OO also provides a wealth of information on bone and joint issues and diseases through online and physical consultations.

OO has partnered with Doctorscabin Health Technologies, a company with strong expertise in digital health technologies and platforms since 2011.

Dr Vijay Shetty, a mentor and full-time consultant orthopaedic surgeon at Hiranandani Hospital, Mumbai says “a steady rise in ageing population and lifestyle shifts has resulted in deteriorating bone and joint conditions that does not have access to good orthopaedic specialists. Orthopod online aims to provide a platform for patients to access top quality orthopaedic care under one roof. Telehealth, as promoted by the Indian Government, can be very useful for those patients who are unable to visit doctors, especially post-surgery”

According to WHO, there is serious scarcity of doctors in general, and orthopaedic specialists in particular, in India. It is estimated that despite 840,000 registered medical practitioners, India still faces a shortfall of over 600,000! Even more alarming is that the number of qualified orthopaedic surgeons in India is roughly 20,000 for a population of over 1.3 billion people.

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon at OO, Dr. Saurabh Talekar says, “first of all, the platform offers a modern way to engage with patients anywhere they are and for the consultants, OO offers complete clinic management platform and information and resources. As a young surgeon, I feel that this will be particularly helpful in the future. “

Vikram Nair, CEO of DoctorsCabin says, “this is a unique offering as it is a doctor led initiative and platform. The technology serves the patients and doctors first and foremost.”

Orthopod Online is available on mobile apps for Android, iOS for telehealth features and on the web at www.orthopodonline.com.

About Orthopod Online:

Orthopod Online (OO) is a Virtual Orthopaedic Group Practice that offers credible and accountable healthcare in general, and all aspects of orthopaedics and trauma in particular, to patients. OO uses a digital practice framework and a forward-looking patient engagement system that is driven by the latest modern communication technologies. OO will work as an evolving resource for both medical professionals and their patients, ensuring clarity, transparency and accessibility.

Source- This Press Release is distributed by DIGPU NEWS NETWORK


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