Adnan Safee, the founder of Nine Angle Foundations, urges the citizens of India to raise their voice for the real cause, and not for any influenced publicity. Nine Angle Foundation is working socially at a very humble level in India, distributing food boxes with a month’s ration to the poor and the hungry.

About the global pandemic COVID-19 Coronavirus, Adnan says,” To all those who are unaware of the brutal reality of life, I ask – What have we achieved by conquering space, if we can’t conquer childhood hunger? While the entire world is united to fight against the deadliest virus ever, many people are engaged in blaming each other and making the atmosphere in the country worse. It is disheartening to see people fight against each other at a time when we need to stand together and fight the COVID-19 crisis in our country.”

Since the 21-day lockdown was announced by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, there have been mixed reactions from people all over the country. While some of them are adhering to the strict guidelines by the government, others don’t seem to understand it. There are many others who are finding faults in everything that the Indian PM says and spreading hate about it on the internet.

Speaking on Prime Minister’s call to 9PM9Minutes, Adnan says,” No one is perfect, and neither are our leaders. Those mocking serious announcements made by the Prime Minster of India, Sh. Narendra Modi should restrain, as unknowingly they are making a mockery of the entire nation. A symbol, a gesture or a shared activity, announced by our Prime Minister was to bring everyone together, to make us feel connected against this unprecedented crisis affecting every one of us, and is a worthy idea. Without finding any logic we did it, just to stand with and join our entire fellow Indians who believed in it. But people dancing and celebrating on the streets with fireworks is highly condemnable. This stupid act also became the reason of fire at Sholapur Airport at Maharashtra as prima facie report.”

We pray for those with the Coronavirus, those who care for them, and those who are suffering from anxiety during this stressful time. In the backdrop of the COVID-19 Coronavirus scare affecting the livelihoods of daily wage earners due to slowing down of the economy, Nine Angle Foundation is focusing on giving financial help, especially to rickshaw pullers in our vicinity, who have lost their jobs.

Nine Angle Foundation is working primarily on the funds contributed by its founders and few individuals who want to work towards the society. The foundation wishes to spread the culture of healthy food and education across the length and breadth of India. Itis running initiatives to meet the local regional and national needs of health and education. To join their efforts towards the society, contribute at the Nine Angle Foundation.

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